Memories of Autumn Nights

On Halloween night, Nobel heads out in order to spend time by herself rather than going out with her friends. While at the park, she encounters a strange light and is sent to fantasy town stuck in autumn. 

Everyone who ends up in town has a reason for their arrival.

Until they come to terms with what brought them to town in the first place, they can not leave. Furthermore, only pairs are allowed to leave the confines of the endless autumn.

Who will Nobel chose to go with her past the portal home?



A girl who went out on Halloween night to isolate herself. While at the park, she encountered a bright light that sent her to a town stuck in autumn. She now has to find someone who she can cross the portal home with. It is unclear what sent her to the mysterious town in the first place.


The “mayor” of the town. She is the first to greet Nobel when she arrives in town and explains to her the rules of the world. She encourages Nobel to enjoy her time in town despite the circumstances. Once Nobel has chosen who she will cross with, Luna will open the portal.

( Designed and illustrated by my sister) 


A spider demon who enjoys crafting different kinds of outfits for the residents of the town. She lives in a two story shop with Basil. Her favorite pastime is planning outfits for the female residents of the town. 


Once a black cat, Basil now resides on the second floor of Kumi’s shop. Much like in his original life, he enjoys warm articles of clothing and fluffy things. His room is filled to the brim with stuffed animals, pillows, clothing, and a mysterious painting of an unknown individual. 


One of the residents of the Moon Deity’s forest. While he is often rather reserved, he still has his moments of rebellion against Callisto’s endless mischievous actions. He is a slight crybaby and can be very stubborn.  He admires Lady’s mature nature and wisdom. 


One of the residents of the Moon Deity’s forest. She is a spoiled young girl who particularly enjoys teasing and tricking Mila. She sometimes goes too far and hurts Mila. Her mischievous nature often led her to be lonely but when she arrived in the forest, she was met with like-minded individuals (Specifically Luna). She strives to be as praised and beautiful as Lady. 


The famous moon deity of the forest. Her real name is unknown so she is often addressed as just “The Moon Deity” or “Lady.” She only appears during a full moon, when every creature and insect has gathered to meet her.  Both Mila and Callisto are big fans of her.


A self-proclaimed witch. She is always at the border of town and the Moon Deity’s forest, attempting to cast spells. She is sometimes successful with her spells but they don’t always work as intended.