Sleeping Beauty's Cinderella

A modern day Sleeping Beauty is awoken by a chronic insomniac. Although they rarely sleep, the beauty claims to have seen them in her dreams!?

Another You

A story about a girl and her cat. “There’s no one else I’d rather be”

Was created for the 2020 WEBTOON Short Story contest with the theme of “Heart”

The Sweets Monster and the Girl

A short story about a sweet loving monster and girl.

Memories of Autumn Nights

Backstories of individuals who ended up unable to leave a certain town stuck in autumn. ( the main story of these characters hasn’t been fully developed but this is just a place to keep the backstories in one place until then!)

Late Night at the Convenience Store

After a simple moment at the convenience store one night, Ivy begins to frequent the store just to see the same stranger.

Dreams of a Universe

A collection of separate short stories based on the worries of growing individuals

You and I (Earth and Sea)

After being chased out of his own home, Mio, the prince of the sea, is taken in by a young human who lives by the shore.